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Got Rear Ended Friday. Fender Bender..

Luckily i wasnt in my E30. I decided to take my moms volvo to work on friday with my dad. He was in the work truck in front of me.

They started to widen the freeway in a nearby city and its been causing alot of traffic problems. It was like 1.15 in the afternoon between two exits. traffic was going from 60-0, and on the third time i went to slow down..traffic abruptly stopped.

I braked, got inda close to my dads work truck, and i realize the SUV behind me probably wasnt going to stop. I try to roll forward a little more and brace myself. Put my head back on the head rest and waited.

he hit me at like 10-15mph. Since i was in the number one lane i waited a couple of 15, got my insurance stuff in line and got out to record the guys license plate and tell him to pull over. my dad follows.

We do the usual accident stuff. Cop comes by. No report he just makes sure everything is ok.

The volvo sustained two holes in the No shift in the frame at all. The mid 90's Toyota SUV was dented in the front. Nothing to exciting. He needs a new bumper, maybe hood.

Either way im happy i wasnt in my E30. I would have punched the guy. Heh.

So..were just gna take the money and not fix the bumper.

Ill get pics up tonight. Have to let the camera charge a little cause its out of battery.
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