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i have a friend who used to own a Mustnag GT, and he actually did performance mods to it... then he sold it and bought a prelude.

-he then proceeded to tell me about the glories of a vtec, and how it was better than vanos (after i explained to him what vanos was)
-he then told me that the vtec was like a turbo
-then he told me that the reason that BMWs were so expensive was because of they had to be shipped from germany. (last time i was over there, they were the exact same price range)

then he sold that car after some serious "mods" (lights, subs, blue paint accents...) and bought a 3000gt vr-4. like i care.

-he tells me that mitsubishi's are better made than bmw's and they don't break as often. (he told me this as he was getting his oil cooler pump fixed.... $2800. two weeks later his a/c broke, another $1400 fix)
-he also tries to get me to care about all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering. and told me that he would "take me in the twisties". (that feature was actually in automobile mag's 20th anniversary edition as being in the top 20 worst things ever invented for the automobile.)

as a side note to how "right" he thinks he is... he told me that a 2 foot cubic box's dimensions would be 2' x 2' x 2'. yeah
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