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Originally Posted by Alpine328i
Funny, unrelated story... I was at my mom's for her 48th birthday party this past Sunday and her neigbor, Andy, was over there. Andy is cool shit. He's 92. NINETY FRIKKIN TWO! Anyways he looks over at the street and said... and I quote (I swear, this is a true story) "hey, thats a nice car you got there" Me: "Thanks Andy!" Andy: "Is that a ford?" Me: ::chuckle:: "No Andy, that's a BMW." Andy: "Oh, a BMW... who makes that? Ford?"

It was awesome.... 92.. you gotta laugh at it....

He grew up in a different day in age where a cadillac was the ultimate in luxury. When if you wanted performance it was measured in cubic inches. My elder relatives were the samwe way, it was a different day and age when american cars rivaled the world. Even a relative 30 years younger than the man you speak of only buys american made cars. speaking of, his STS-V kicks ass.

Originally Posted by z4Power
lol, and bmw's tuned v8 has how much hp?
How much better would a modded S4 be... you wouldn't stand a freaking chance.

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