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Episode 4


Now you may wonder why it is that da Dough is having yet another issue... well... it could just be that I am this unlucky. Let me give you some background information... I must first make you all aware that what is to follow is quite personal and a family matter, yet, seeing how none of you have ever met me or really know me, I guess it doesn't matter. Some things have been altered for legal reasons:

My parents met each other in a bar back in the mid 70's and got engaged six months later. It was a marriage out of convience (at least that's what I call it). They were of the same nationality speaking the same language and my mother's parents liked him. They married in 1976 (one year six months from when they first met). It was difficult for them to have a child, medically speaking that is. It took them five years and finnally, yours truely poped out in 1981. I am the only "child." In 1994, they divorced, for reasons which at this point will remain unmentioned. Now according to the judgement, the court declared:
Originally Posted by Family Court, 1994
Section 2. Plaintiff and defendant shall have joint legal custody of the infant son. The parties agree that defendant shall have reasonable and liberal visitations with the infant child.

Section 3. Child support in the amount of $111.00 per week will be paid by the defendant to the plaintiff through the Probation Department in the County in which defendant resides. Child support payments are to begin upon the soonest happening of the following events......[ie, moving out].

Section 4. Plaintiff and defendant will exchange tax returns every year. Child support is to continue until the infant son is emancipated. Emancipation shall be defined as a completion of four years of college or trade school; or upon gratuation from high school and full time employment; or upon the child entering the military; or upon the child's marriage; or upon the child's death.

Section 5. Plaintiff and defendant agree to share the costs of the infant son's college education in proportion to thier respective incomes and ability to pay as deteremined by the exchange of financial information six (6) months before the child is to attend college.

And the rest doesn't apply.
Ok, so what. Well, since exiting high school in 2000, I've been paying for college. At first it was $800 per a month, then I went onto financial aid and with that came loans in my name until it became unreasonable to maintain that service. For the last year I was in college, I paid out of pocket $1050+ per month for ten months on a program from school. So, aside from my dwindling bank account and absolutly no savings to speak of, I also have ~$25,000 in loans to pay back from the stupid ass financial aid (with extrodinary interest).

I'm paying for my cell phone ($50/month) and cable bill ($120/month). Aside from that, I'm also paying for all maintanence on my car (+gas), which I bought with the litte money I had and some help from my mom. She cost me $18,600 before taxes at a time when other friends were buying brand new cars (ie Honda's, Infinity's, lexus... ect).

Bla Bla Bla... the point Dough.... get to it....

I got this letter from my father's lawyer on saturday by certified mail:
Originally Posted by Civil Action, 2006
I, (the father), of full age certify that:

1. I am the Defendant in connection with the captioned matter and am making this Cerifcation in support of my application to emancipate my son, da Dough, effective September 1, 2006.

2. The Plaintiff and I were divorced by Judgment dated 1994. A copy of the Judgement is attached along with a copy of an Amended Judgement dated 1995.

3. Persuant to paragraph 4 of the Judgement I am obligated to pay $111.00 per week on account of my son's support. Paragraph 4 of the Dual Final Judgement of Divorce obligates me to support my son until he completes four (4) years of college.

4. My son will be twenty-five years old on October 19th of this year. He graduated from High School in June of 1999 at the age of eighteen.

5. My son enrolled in college at NJIT in Newark, NJ immediately following his graduation from High School and has been pursuing a degree in architecture. He has been pursuing his FOUR (4) YEAR degree FULL TIME for the past SIX (6) YEARS.

6. My son has had more than enough time to complete his studies and obtain a degree. I have had discussions with my son regarding the length of time it is taking to secure a diploma but have never been provided with a viable reason as to why it is taking so long.

7. In the past I have given my son the benefit of the extended length of time it is taking him to obtain a diploma. I am no longer willing to do it indefinitely.

8. I love my son very much and would love to see him graduate. Given what has already transpired, I am not sure that that is going to occure. He always "needs a couple more credits". I'm hopeful that he can complete whatever remaining credits are necessary over the summer and for that reason have propsed that my obligation to support him continue through September 1, 2006 after which date I propose that he pay his own way if he has not obtained a diploma.

9. To his credit my son works but also enjoys the good life. He is living in his mother's home and to my knowledge pays her nothing. He and his girlfriend are always spending money on entertainment and he drives a late model BMW. Under the circumstances and given the length of time it is taking him to get a diploma, I request that I be relieved of the obligation to support him and that the Court declare that he is emancipated.

I certify that the foregoing statements made by me are true. I am aware that if any foregoing statements made by me are knowingly or willfully false I am subject to punishment according to law.

Signed... da Father. 6/23/2006
Now, tell me fella's. How does that make me look? Like some fuckin gold digger, right?

So, lets start off at the top.
3. Ok, he's been paying an unadjusted amount since 1994, even though his salary has gone from $50k/year to $70k/year not to mention lack of inflation.

4. I graduated from HS in 2000.

5. I am pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering... vastly different (in difficulty) than Architecture. He never went to college... At my college, persuing any degree is a four year minimum assuming your taking summer classes and 21 credits per a semester. I've seen other's graduate after seven years. Some five years.

6. Wanna know a viable reason? It's FUCKING HARD AS BALLS! I had to retake several classes AND I also took summer classes (all while working 12 to 40 hours per week)

7. He's not paying for college...

8. I've been paying for college... My money, my time, go Fuck yourself.

9. I enjoy the good life? What the fuck are you talking about?
I'm paying nearly 100% of my income for household expenses, college, and car gas/maintanence.

I hardly ever see my beloved girl. I love her so much, and its just so damn hard to maintain a LONG distance relationship all year, but we have. And after eight years, our bond is still strong. Now, being as that we hardly ever see each other (ie, for a week here... week there... sometimes, if we're lucky, a month) we would spend as much time together as possible. Sure we go to the movies, though the last film we saw was.... ah, fuck, I don't remember it was so long ago. Though, for one "entertainment" episode she and I went to an expensive dinner paid for by her sister with a gift card. I paid only $20 over the $100 limit. She and I rarely have the money to go out. Sometimes we'll get take out or we'll go to a garden or whatever, but we are conservative when it comes to money. She and I use coupons, damnit, I'm 25 and I use coupons!

Yea... I drive a late model (seven (7) years old) BMW. He purchased a Ford Escape for $25,000. Last sunday he purchased one gold coin for $605. Then there's the personal shit that he buys that I won't get into on here. My car is the only thing that I have that has any value. I take care of it and pay for it. None of the child support went to it, all that money went to food/rent/cloths.

Don't get me wrong guys. I don't care about the child support money. I agree that it is about time that I am emancipated (as if I'm some sort of slave....). It's the document that is of public record. Not to mention that it hurts. Sticks and stones can hurt... and this document hurts even more. It's a stab in the heart. I don't cry often, last time was when a close family member passed away. This made me cry, ball even.

I love my father. But he can really disapoint me from time to time. Since 1994, we have been rebuilding our relationship. This has just set us back a decade. Good job dad... Happy Birthday.

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