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alright i was about to call EC auto and get some quotes but im not sure what i am essentially asking for here, i know to ask for a rebuild, but what about the head? port and polish, valve job, etc. not sure what to do about that.

also this is an 'e' motor so ill probably have to find an 'i' head to get it breathing properly. now ive been giving great thought to this path of rebuilding the m20 and boosting it over the course of fall and winter. and im almost positive id like to go with this route, it seems like a building process for me as i start with a stock motor and build it up.

I've done some research around the forums and have noticed some guys making nice power with a stock m20 boosted. such as a32guy on e30tech, this sounds like the route i would like to go. 324whp @ 14psi sounds perfect for me. I know it will cost quite a bit but it will be a progressive project, buy as i go or find.

so first i guess i should find an 'i' head possibly?
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