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OK listen, there are to many factors to deal with and it is very dependent on what swap you are doing.
First you dont need an e36 rad the e30 one willl work just fine you just need the e36 hoses, I use an aluminum e30 rad. The e30 rad give more clearance. I ditched the clutch fan and went with a dual stage S-blade electric fan setup as a pusher. My supercharged S50 never overheats.

also the exhaust i can get
Thats all fine and dandy but it wont work. The stock exhuast manifold needs to be modified to clear the swaybar, then the rest has to be modified to fit aswell. It doesn't just bolt on.

also i know i need to get the 320i brake booster i think?
Yes you do, but that also needs to be modified. you need to cut the shaft of of your stock one and precisely weld it on to the 320i booster. NOT easy!

And depending on what tranny you go with you will have to get a new driveshaft. If you use the original e30 tranny you can use the e30 driveshaft but you will have to get a custom tranny brace made for you. If you use the e36 tranny you can use the e30 tranny brace but you will need a new, shorter driveshaft.
Also If you use the e3o tranny you can use the e30 flywheel,clutch and starter but if you use the e36 tranny you need the e36 flywheel,clutch, and starter, or you can switch the ring gear from the e36 starter to your e30 starter and use that.

Also I beleive you car being an 86 you need the coolant reservoir tank from the 325's with all the hoses.

You will also need the e34 5series oilpan and dipstick tube, the proper throttle cable (e36 I think), Modified power steering hoses to connect the e36 pump to the e30 rack. Gaskets, Spacers, oil level sensor(e34), E34 M5 offset engine mounts.

While you have the engine out you should also replace:
-water pump -> upgrade to the metal empeller pump
-T-stat housing -> upgrade to metal one
-lower temp t-stat
-New clutch, pilot bearing, resurfaced(mabey lightened) flywheel
-new reverse light sensor
Also get:
-e36 O2 sensor

Make sure the send the alternator, power steering pump, MAF sensor, ecu, and wire harness from the same car. Most wreckers like to give you a miss matched heap of crap.
I have a e36 325 ecu and maf sensor cause this happened to me with my engine.

I raised shit for two week untill the finally tracked down all the right parts for my m3 engine. so i kept the wrong ones. HAHA.
as you can see there is more to it than just buying some parts and bolting it all together.
I strongly suggest getting the parts from zionsville. They know all about this kind of swap and have all the right parts for it. Most you can buy already modified. If you do it this way then yes, you can just bolt it all together and go.

I may have forgot something but if I remember I will post .
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