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My father passed away back in '98. My mother got sick a few years ago, and because she no longer had the capacity to manage the house and her finances, ownership of the house was transferred to us. That's when my aunt moved in, figuring that my dad was gone, and my mom wasn't capable of refusing her. I wasn't living here at the time, so I had no idea what was going on. But she basically took advantage of the situation. She bitched when we finally forced her to start paying rent- a mere $250/mo. She eats our food, which isn't covered in that rent.

She's got a bad gambling habit, and that rent money gets in the way of her weekends in Atlantic City. She can't even set foot in Vegas anymore, because she screwed loan sharks out there years ago. It had gotten so bad that when my grandmother went senile, my aunt took over her house and sold it from right under everyones noses.

Personally, I don't mind or care about her stupidity, everybody has a right to be what they are and choose not to improve themselves. But when it becomes an inconvenience for me, I get pissed. I just don't have the time or patience to treat a 65yr old woman like a 12yr old who doesn't know any better. Don't get me wrong- I have the utmost respect for elders, but I also believe respect is earned- you gotta have done something with your life to deserve it.


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