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Stupid wants to leave

My inept aunt says she wants to leave the house. Like I care; she's been freeloading off me and my sister (the owners) for 2yrs now. I got really pissed at her for leaving washed dishes on the kitchen counter. She says I'm so hard on her, that there was no room in the dish rack for them. That she's really trying, and all I have to do is show her how I want things around the house; that getting upset isn't necessary. She's a grown woman, it'd be silly for me to have to tell her to empty out the dish rack, no??

She'll empty out the garbage in the kitchen, but leave the bag on the floor next to the can. Why can't she take it straight out of the house? Last week, she almost burned the house down when she ran the toaster, microwave, and the coffee machine all at the same time, on the same circuit. The whole house smelled like an electrical fire, says she didn't notice the smell. And she's still pissed at me because I yelled at her for leaving my projection screen on all night while she was sleeping away.

I mean, is it me or what? Let her leave. Good riddance. Fucking retard.
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