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Originally Posted by matimus
Hey Maniac matt
Yeah id still like the strut bar and plates.

I am now concidering tell the the GF to f-off
and keep the car. I mean its all paid for and it doesnt owe me anything. So i dont see why i cant keep it. I mean it only cost $6200 a year for me to insure right. But if I can get good $$$ for it then mabey.

My plans for the 4.8IS. I dont know not much. A supercharger for sure and mabey a big stereo. thats about it. it will be my daily driver so nothing to drastic.

I'll check it out tommorrow and let you know. I was there today but forgot to ask.

Is friday night good for you? I should have both the strut bar and the backing plates done by then.
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