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Camber specs question

Did some poking around, but not exhaustive, in the forum thinking a similar question must be out there but didn't see it.

In any event, my left rear trailing arm was bent such that the camber was 3.x and the toe in (or toe out ,I forget which) was nearly 1/2 inch! An expensive new Left rear trailing arm is now resulting in near perfect toe, but a left rear camber of 2.2. This is vs a right rear camber of 1.5.

Garage says the specs are < 2.0 camber. He is a bit concerned that the left and right ar .7 off. He feels they should be closer. He is not yet sure why they are off.

I tend to think these guys are pretty straight up, but am looking for some confirmation. This is a NEW L rear trailing arm and is resulting in a 2.2 camber.

It's a 1997 Z3 1.9., with 88K, that I will use as a commuter car. Is 2.2 vs 1.5 a problem that I need to throw $$ at?

Thanks for any information
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