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Yeah. He admitted it to the cop. He got cited for it, too. See, I have Geico and they said I have two options:

A) go through Geico and pay the $500 deductable. BUT, I won't get a rental, they say. Afterwords, they fight his insurance company to get it back.

B) since he's at fault, go after his insurance without dealing through Geico. They'd have to give me a rental then.

Other considerations: he has Joe Shmoe insurance. Neverrrr heard of his company before. His adjusters might be crooked as shit. Might be WEEKS before they come out and take a look, too. Also, I'd have to deal with all the headaches of going through his insurance.

If I go with Geico, however, I won't get the rental (at least that is what the lady on the phone said). I dunno. I haven't had the car barely 2 months and I have to deal with this. Fukking SUCKS.

Honestly, I don't have AAAAAAAAANNNY fukking idea why he was backing up - especially without looking! It is inexcusible in my opinion. At least he was honest w/the cops about it which makes the legal end a LOT simpler.
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