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Originally Posted by Dudesky
Cool, distilled is much cheaper anyway. I flush once a year during the spring, although this year I didn't have much of a choice Maybe I should consider doing it in the fall, too.
Once a year should be enough - another tip, add a bottle of "bars leaks" everytime you flush the system. It's a stop leak and a lubricant. It helps keep seals & hoses tight and also works for waterpump bearings, headgaskets, etc... before they go. (before cars leave the factory depending on coolant system size they put in from 12- 32 ozs of bars leak in every car. Had a customer years ago in Orlando that had her car in for 1st service and tech noticed top radiator hose clamp was loose and next to other clamp at block - she drove 7500 miles with absolutely nothing holding top hose to radiator... Needless to say we never told her)
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