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Episode 3

So I just got back my grade for Concrete design. Needless to say, with the grade that I got, I was pissed. I don't really care about the actual grade, more of just passing the class. The professor is so damn hard to understand. Fucking asian fucker. I have a clip of him on my cell phone just to prove how fuckin hard it is to understand this guy: Concrete Class, talking about moments
Now, some of you may be able to understand him, then congrats to you. This was one of his better lecture days. The file is ~6min long and ~6megs in .wav format.

This fucker gave me a fuckin F. Why? I don't know. I got a C on the midterm where other's didn't even take it and passed with a C as a final grade. I did most of the HW, did the lab assignment (which was totally fucked up as a lab assinment, we really didn't do any work as a class, the concrete sample was made by the masters' students, so the point of the lab was null). I also turned in the required STAAD program. So I have no fuckin clue as to why I would get an F. My last semester, and this fuckin shit head doesn't give me a D, which is all I need, he gives me a fuckin F. During the final, the TA asked the class, how many of us, of the three problems, finished two. That was with 30 min left in the class. NOT ONE person raised thier hand. By the end of the period I had answered them all, with a shit load of work. Not that they were right, I'm just saying.

I later found out that this fuckin A-hole made the questions REALLY hard just to get even as, according to him, not everyone came to class, which is a crock.

There's student evaluations that are given out at the end of every semester. They are suppose to be annomonious and delievered by a student to the Civil department. He asked us to give it to him. I thought that was totally fucked up... knowing that most of use would rape him on the survey. So, while he was outside talking with a student, I took the surveys, collecting them all from each student, sealed the envelope and delivered it, as per the rules, to the secretaries. He didn't see me, not that it really mattered.

So I'm thinking that this fuck head is getting retaliation against me for that, as the secretaries know me. All they had to do was say a name and BAHM, "D... F...fuke hem... I giva F."

This is messed up.... my last semester and he's gotta be a dick like this.... I'm really curious to know whom else has failed his class. I know that the dude I'm going to work for this summer had him as a professor in the 80's. During the interview, he asked me if I understood what the hell that guy was teaching..... apparantly, this fuckhead sucked back then too.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I hate this shit!

A pissed off Dough
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