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Originally Posted by EcianIce
can you have the DDE's on without the corners being on, but still have your blinker work?

this is for E46 facelift. i only saw two wires running into the corner light so there wasn't one power wire that did blinker function and one that did parking light function.

so yea. can DDE's run independant of parking lights (corner blinkers)?
Do you mean the stock (daylight driving bulb is lit constantly) DDE's, or aftermarket (angel/demon eyes) DDE's? Reading your post I'm a little confused, as DDE's (aftermarket) do not utilize corner power to light up, they get wired directly into your ECU box to light up (usually how folks run them) so they are constantly on when the car is powered. They are totally independant of the corner blinker system when run like this.
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