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I was going to post up my readings from my E46, but, my DME is f'ed up.

Here's what my book has to say on the subject:
1.0 Vechicle Identification Number (last few digits)
1.1 Body Number
6_1.2 Part number of cluster
1.3 Coding/diagnosis/bus index
1.4 Manufacturing date (calandar week/year)
1.5 Hardware/software version of cluster
3_1.6 Injection status, number of cylinders, engine factor
1.7 (blank)

TEST 2: Cluster system test - activates gauge drivers, indicators and LEDs to confirm function

3.0 Liters
3.1 Periodic inspection days (euro)

4.0 Current Fuel Consumption Liters/100km
4.1 Current Fuel Consumption Liters/Hr

5.0 Fuel Consumed Liters/100km
5.1 Distance to go

6.0 Fuel Level Average
6.1 Total Tank averaged
1_6.2 Indicated value and tank phase (1=both ok, 2=one faulty, 3=implausible input)

7.0 Coolant temperature input in C
7.1 Outside temperature input in C
7.2 Engine Speed in RPM
7.3 Vehicle Speed in km/hr

TEST 8: Hex Code, instrument cluster inputs

TEST 9: Battery Voltage in volts

TEST 10: Country coding (02=US)

TEST 11: Cluster Code

TEST 12: (not used)

TEST 13: Gong Test, activate by pressing button

TEST 14: Fault memory (not for diagnosis)

TEST 15 - 18: (not used)

TEST 19: Lock and unlock tests 3 - 21. To unlock, press cluster button immediately when it chages to L-OFF.

TEST 20:
20.0 Fuel consumption data correction in the 1s position
20.1 Fuel consumption data correction in the 10s position
20.2 Fuel consumption data correction in the 100s position

TEST 21: Software reset

When I ran this test on my E46, the data I got was the following:


So according to ^, line 1.4, my 1999 328i was made in the 7th week of 2001. Oh, and according to line 1.6 it came with no engine. . Guess that's just another link to the gremlins in my circuits.

And I cannot access any other test. I can only scroll through TEST 1.

I think I may need a new DME (or whatever it's called). Just can't afford that now.

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