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I know, late post...

Originally Posted by Numark318i
I dont want to read this entire thread....but has anyone ever used "Nu Finish"? My mom got some, havent used it yet and im skepticle. Has anyone ever used it?
"As seen on TV!" Eh, I'm not impressed with it. It's just like IBIZ. Basic stuff with hyped up ads. But I could be wrong...

Reguarding Turtle Wax:
Originally Posted by CAPiTUL
I have to agree whole heartedly w/this gentleman
My neighbor used to put that on his Lincoln. He would apply, then drive, then spend a long ass time buffing it off, elbow greese indeed.

That's what's so good about P21s, you don't need alot of it per application and it just buffs off SO EASILY. Sure, each container costs ~$30, but from the two cars that I did (mine and g/f), the container is still full, hardly even touched.

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