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Episode 2

This rant is about one (of many) aspect of my job.

I work in a grocery store. I started there back in 1998 as a cashier, and have done numerious jobs within the store. The worst "job" there is called Recieving. An earlier employee (whom had it in for me since I called her a bitch) became a store manager (after stabing the previous orignial manager in the back). She came back to our store and was of course the top manager there. She stuck me in that shitty ass job called recieving.

Now what is Recieving? Well, it's in the back of every grocery store. All the possible vendors enter through that one door in the back of the store, need to be ckecked in and processed before they are allowed to pack out thier product. Vender examples would be Wonder Bread, Peppridge Farm, Thomas' English Muffins, Coke, Pepsi.. ect.

The Job is from (typically) 5:30am to 2pm.

For 18months I was stuck doing that shitty job. It's not the pleasant of places. It's by the trash compactor. The smell is sickening, some throw up just my the mere wiff of it. It's messy, the concrete floor is black with decades of rottening food. In the summer months, the humidity makes everything stick to you along with the stagnant air, it's a hell hole. I would come home from that job each time smelling like... well, just use your imaination. I would take a greesy dingy auto garage over that any day.

I stopped doing that job about 2-3 years ago, and since then they've changed the system (like the beaurocrates that they are).

The Issue:
So last saturday, the new store manager came up to me and told me that, "Oh, by the way, I scheduled you for recieving next Saturday." My reply was simply, "oh?" In his authorative voice, told me that I should've checked the schedule, even though I only work on the weekends, Saturday was the first day I'm in the store after the schedule is made. So fine, I said I'll take do it for that one day, assuming of course they give me a crash course in the new system.

The crash course was taught by a black creol/whatever who serades by weekend as a preacher. It lasted all of 15min where he precceded to tell me jack shit about the process, cept for the shit I already new from the 18months of doing it previously. Needless to say, I didn't learn much. Inorder to use the computer (dos based) you need a login and pass. He gave me his login, but didnt' want to give me his pass, protecting it as if it was the sacred tabernackle that he worshiped on Sunday's. So... how the fuck am I suppose to log in to take care of the bills for the vendors? Well, I mentioned to the store manager that I was still unsure of how the new system worked.

A week passed by, and now, it's Saturday morning, 4am. My alarm is ringing, time to slowly wake up, shower, and drive to work to do my shift in recieving. It's raining out and I'm running late. Try waking up at 4am.... I know from past experience that the vendors usually arrive a little early to see what they have on the shelf. As expected, SB Thomas and Peppridge Farm are there, parked in the front of the store (as the back door would've been locked). I get to the time clock, swipe my card and the machine beeps.... . the display read out, "TOO EARLY". again... ? I go to the night time manager, tell him that I was asked to be the reciever; he knew me from before when I used to do it. He gave me his override card and I swiped in. I walked to the back door, seeing the vendors packing out, which they are not allowed to do unless they were scanned in.

Get to the backroom (aka storage area of all goods and where recieving is located) to find the same fucker that gave me that rediculious crash course the previous weekend. He says to me with a smile, "Oh, they didn't call you? (Insert name) asked me to switch back."

Mind you, they keep an updated record of all employee's contact information. You would think that it wouldn't be so diffucult to pick up the fucking phone and say, " *Dough*, we don't need you to come in."

The Creol preacher told me instead to work in Dairy. Open the dairy fridge door and behold, a shit load of crap. So from 5:30am to 1:30pm, I busted my balls hauling that shit out into the aisle. Work in dairy for a day, with the milk (6-one gallon conatiners/case) and other shit, then you may understand the way I feel after not even expecting to deal with it. In recieving, you stand in one area, not really physically demanding, so i was mentally unprepaired for it. Now, I'm not trying to sound like a pussy, even though this is comming off like that, but believe me, when you have your mind set in one mode, and its switched to something else, you'd be annoyed too.

While packing out coffee creamers, the store manager came by, he said, "oh I take it you got the message..."

Man, Fuck you AND this job......which is what I honestly felt like saying, but the man had been nice to me, I guess, so he deserved some respect, even though I was not paid that courtesy. I told him of my disposition, he appologized, not that it meant anything.

When I first started working there, your pay had some merit to it, meaning, if you did a good job, your pay would be increased beyond the pennies that you got from the union's contract with the store. But since a new chain bought out the privious tennat, a new contract was devised and that merit ended. So now, it doesn't matter how well I do my job (or how bad for that fact) I can't be fired and will still get a $0.35 raise every year.

So really, what's the point.... I hate this stupid ass job. Fucking customers too.... but I'll leave that one for another rant.

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