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mike h 10-29-2006 10:23 PM

E30 immobilser
Hello all, new to site & new to my 1991 e30 318 cabriolet (uk), guess what, I have a problem. I had an auto electrictian fit a replacement cd player, as the one fitted was a horrible silver thing. Anyway bloke comes & fits the panasonic unit, ibelieve which is or was very similiar to the original, everythings fine, cd player works lovely and cosmetically is right for the interior/dash. Wife goes out the next day to start car, unlocks door, manually as we have done since we bought it, puts key in the ignition & she says an alarm came on and the engine wont start. I go out, no alarm but when you try to start car, it just clicks,like starter motor not got enough juice. All the time this is going on there is a constant clicking, like the hazard lights are flashing, but there not. We were not sure if there was an imobilser on the car when we bought it, I asked the bloke about central locking (remote) as the igition key has a button on it, but it didnt work, not a problem, because put key in drivers door and locked all doors fine.Anyway I guess when the electritictian fitted the cd player, he has reconected or something the imobilser (2 red led lights flashed intermitantly all the timebefore all this happened), now just 1light is on. Had to disconect battery, electritictian is coming tommorrow, but he sounds as if he says its nothing to do with what I've done. How do I de-activate the immobiliser assuming thats what it is Please help, really in the dark here. looked in owners manual & it says about inserting this key into the magnetic lock, I dont have a key & I dont know where this lock is.

Cheers Mike

witeshark 10-29-2006 11:38 PM

Sometimes a lock like that is placed under the dash, known as a kill switch

mike h 10-29-2006 11:53 PM

Hi thanks for your reply, would that be a standard fitment, the car has been very well looked after, mostly full BM service history, I dont think the previous owner would have put on a non standard item, I'm going to have a good look though. Is it possible that fitting the cd player has done something do you think, is there any wireing that may have been disturbed situated behind cd player slot (2 red lights are right above it and to the right & I saw the electritictian had pulled 1 of them out of its housing.
Can you even tell me if this model would have an immobilser 1991 318 cabrilet uk registered. Any suggestions would be warmly recieved, as I dont want to be completely in the dark when this bloke comes back.
Apart from this little incident, car has lovely "classic" feeling to it, nice & solid, well made, kind of rolls along. Hope I dont upset anybody by saying, but reminds me a little bit of the Volvo 240 I had once.

Cheers Mike

witeshark 10-30-2006 12:10 AM

The wiring may well have triggered the issue. It is not likely to have a kill switch or immobilizer from BMW but maybe from a dealer

gnasher44 11-15-2007 10:29 PM

Hi there, mine has the same problem - an e30 325e, how did you overcome this?

nick_318is 11-16-2007 09:17 AM

^do you have an aftermarket stero or the original unit. I have seen in a few places that you could do such a thing with the stock unit but would have to look it up.

gnasher44 11-16-2007 10:46 AM

I have an aftermarket stereo fitted, I don't have a remote key or anything for the immobiliser. Do the e30 model master keys have any kind of built in device, as I dont even have the master key, just looks like a regular key, no sign of any hidden switch anywhere either.

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