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newest2002tiiowner 08-28-2006 04:03 AM

Mounting Battery
The previous owner of my car mounted the battery in the trunk, which is nice, but it moves too much. It is simply sitting in the back in a black plastic case. The other day I was driving it pretty hard in a parking lot and cornered aggresively through all the turns. :drive2 I parked the car to talk to a friend for a while and then got in my car. When i turned the key, absolutely nothing happened. no noise from the engine, no lights turned on, nothing. :wtf at first i thought i overheated it or something. I realized that if i did it would have done something. I put together that the battery was disconnected. I opened the trunk and the battery was in the opposite corner of where it was connected. It pulled the connectors off and moved all over the place.:doh
I guess i have to drive more carefully and slower:laugh , NOT!! I do need to get a better way to mount my battery though. Any ideas?:dunno

c1apton 08-28-2006 05:54 AM

Parts stores sell plastic battery boxes (mostly used for boats) for under $10. These can be strapped or bolted in.

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