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newest2002tiiowner 08-09-2006 02:33 AM

Those of you looking for more power
As i was looking around for some good parts to put on my 2002, i found a nice site with plenty to drool over.


One of the things I liked were the wheels. Great looking wheels for a reasonable price. They also have nice Recaro seats that they can match to almost any interior.
If you click on the M2 kit link, you will find that they have a conversion kit that allows you to do an E30 M3 engine swap. When you see the stats, you cant wait to order it. 1 horsepower to every 10 pounds!!
Your little 2002 can keep up with the likes of an E36 M3, for a lot less.
Once I get my car in running order, i plan on looking in to this.

Anyone got an E30 M3 motor lying around that they are willing to sell??

RSF5 08-09-2006 01:08 PM

Damn, thats website has everything you could want

BingM3 10-03-2006 07:25 PM

I have an S14 Engine FS - 100k excellent condition
I have a 1989 M3 and selling my e30 S14 engine with just 100k miles, excellent condition, no leaks - EVO wires, K/N intake, e36 tensioner, Conforti chip - great upgrade for 2002's (M2) and e30's

Still in car for anyone who wants a test drive (I drive) - so you are happy with your purchase. My car is due for an e36 s50 conversion in 2-3 weeks in NJ where I plan to ship the engine, etc crated.

$3,500 - includes everything engine, tranny, ECU, all because I will have no use for any parts...e-mail me at nogy@aol.com for inquiries


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