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CAPiTUL 05-27-2006 08:08 PM

My car got hit today :(
:cry . . .. it is a sad day, ladies and gentlemen.

I was sitting at a stop sign behind a pick up truck .. . . . .

reverse lights go on. . . ..

He revs up all into the BIMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I'll have to have it towed to the dealership, fight with insurance people, and fight for a rental car.

This hurts, people. It really. . . really. . . hurts.

bakaroo 05-27-2006 08:11 PM

Ouch! That completely sucks. Poor car. :( That happened to my dad's M3 and at first the guy was totally in agreement with how he reversed and hit my dad but then he took it back and it was this whole legal thing with insurance and everything. Anyway, hopefully it'll go in your favor and everything works out.

Alpine328i 05-27-2006 08:14 PM

Wow.... that's awful dude. Hope you have good insurance. I know Geico covered my damages quite quickly and paid for my rental car.

scrichy84 05-27-2006 08:15 PM

Just remeber, if you have a broken light or anything that makes your car illegal, you are entitled to a rental car. Sorry to hear about it, I hate dealing with insurance, but hey, you won't have any rock chips after this!

xsperf 05-27-2006 08:28 PM

that sux, what also sucks, just as bakaroo said, that guy can claim that u rear ended him.. hope it works out for the best

Dudesky 05-27-2006 08:31 PM

Why was he backing up?

c1apton 05-27-2006 08:33 PM

make ABSOLUTELY SURE you get a police report that he backed into you. You don't stand a "rats ass chance" with insurance without it.

On the other hand - sorry to hear you had to be a victim of someones ignorance. I'd be billing his insurance co for your rental car - it's their fault they insured the dumb-fuck

CAPiTUL 05-27-2006 09:04 PM

Yeah. He admitted it to the cop. He got cited for it, too. See, I have Geico and they said I have two options:

A) go through Geico and pay the $500 deductable. BUT, I won't get a rental, they say. Afterwords, they fight his insurance company to get it back.

B) since he's at fault, go after his insurance without dealing through Geico. They'd have to give me a rental then.

Other considerations: he has Joe Shmoe insurance. Neverrrr heard of his company before. His adjusters might be crooked as shit. Might be WEEKS before they come out and take a look, too. Also, I'd have to deal with all the headaches of going through his insurance.

If I go with Geico, however, I won't get the rental (at least that is what the lady on the phone said). I dunno. I haven't had the car barely 2 months and I have to deal with this. Fukking SUCKS.

Honestly, I don't have AAAAAAAAANNNY fukking idea why he was backing up - especially without looking! It is inexcusible in my opinion. At least he was honest w/the cops about it which makes the legal end a LOT simpler.

c1apton 05-27-2006 09:07 PM

I have Geico also and let them go after his insurance company. They'll cut through the red tape of "Joe Schmoe" insurance co and they'll hound his insurance co until you are satisfied. So - "release the hounds" & have fun torturing a rental car :drive2

CAPiTUL 05-27-2006 09:12 PM

Thats the thing, though - geico said that if I go through Geico, I wont get a rental. Can you clarify, perhaps? Should I question that tidbit of information?

PS. Anybody ever hear of Market Insurance Co.? It was a work truck that hit me.

PSS. Anybody ever feel like beating some ass and crying at the same time?!?!?!?

celsdogg 05-27-2006 09:16 PM

^^^ yeah, i know that feeling. sorry to hear about it. hope it works out. really feel your pain!

do you have any pics of the damage?

i would definatly try to go thru the other guys insurance. even if they are some small crooked ass company.

CAPiTUL 05-27-2006 09:19 PM

Yes, I took about 20 pics. They will be up tomorrow, hopefully. It was my brother's digital cam, so as soon as he gets it to me.

CAPiTUL 05-27-2006 09:20 PM

oh, one more thing - anybody have any idea how this will effect my resale value?

witeshark 05-27-2006 10:03 PM

If he tries to change his story, the people invetigating can tell if his backing lights were on if they broke in the crash. What a bastard, but glad he admitted it!

c1apton 05-27-2006 10:09 PM

Tell Geico that you want them to go after his insurance co for you. Not using Geico for your repairs, but have them go after his insurance co. That'll get you a loaner/rental car at their expense (his ins. co.) They'll rip his insurance co a new A$$ and they won't let up until it's done right. They have lawyers just for this type of circumstance.
I had a lady hit my "hauler" and had Geico go after her Ins co and they gave me options of a rental truck, time lost and all kinds of "perks" for the inconveinence and not "dime one" from my deductable.

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