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cookie528i 12-02-2013 03:06 PM

Any advice welcome. Dpf problems
Hi All

Looking for a bit of help and advice if pos

I have a e61. 525d 07. Lci touring m sport.

I have been getting warnings for a few weeks about my particle filter (dpf) and I have use two bottles of dpf cleaner (forte) but still beeped the warning. I had booked in to have a forced regen to clear the dpf. Any how's

Thursday night I came to a nice long road so I flicked over to sports mode and put the foot down (80's ) for a mile. I saw some smoke come out the back with sparks hitting the road. I pulled over and a following car pulled up to say the back of the car was on fire. There was white chalky flakes on the road where I pulled in from the exhaust and the exhaust was all white chalky inside . I let the car cool down and drove short distance home slowly. When pulling up to the house the brakes went stiff

Car was today put under diagnostics and this is what they say

Glow plugs need replaced
Glow plug relay needs replaced
Egr valve faulty (electronic side not moving correctly)
Brake vacum hose melted
Dpf 37%ash that can't be regened. Needs removed and cleaned

Has anyone came across this before. Who can I trust to send the dpf unit to clean properly

Totally gutted

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