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mariante 10-25-2013 05:03 PM

X3 "Servomotor" replacement / Reprogramming HELP!!!
Hi everyone new guy here needing help. (Lots of it)

I have a 2005 X3 E83 2.0 Diesel, I live in a small Island in the North Atlantic in the Azores archipelago and, guess what! there are no official BMW shops or specialists of any kind in all the Island! And the worst is that the local shops with I usually manage to get my car fixed are not being able to solve the problem this time.

So, here is the description of the problem:
Few months ago I started to have this lights (ABS, 4x4, and Brake). First they appeared once in awhile and I didn't noticed anything when driving. But after a while they stayed permanent and the steering wheel became very hard and it doesn't turn back to the center if you leave it the car keeps turning continuously.

I went to the best equipped shop around. They called the BMW official mechanic in the mainland and were told that most likely it was a "Servomotor" that was broken.
(I donīt know if the name in english is the same but you can see the part on this link, its the number 12 of this diagram) Part number 27107566296.


We ordered a new "servomotor" and installed it on the car. It all remained the same!
So we called the BMW official again. They said that after installing the new one the car had to be reprogramed so it would function properly. Here is another big problem for me!
The local shop donīt have a BMW computer. They have a multi brand one that seems to work for everybody except for me.

Their Computer brand is "Brain Bee" The local shop called the computer representatives in Portugal and they said that they never had a situation like this with a BMW X3 so they could no help because despite the computer being able to reprogram manually, they don't know the numbers to do so. They tried to obtain that information with no success.
The car is stooped for more then a month now.

If anyone could give me a hand here it would be very appreciated, Anything about the computer programming or the servomotor, anything at all that you think can help to solve this problem is very welcome.

Thanks in advance guys
sorry for the long post and for my english.

All the best!
Henrique Mariante

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