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rosesette 09-11-2013 05:28 PM

can this be done???
Wits End!!! Can you replace a silver label 413 with the maroon label 413??
We have a 1995 525 i
Problems started when hub put in a defective starter,got a relacement starter,car turned over but would not start!May have possibly wiped the chip in the silver label??No spark,pulse or fuel pressure.

More searching!! Caught the video on the PC swap that would bypass the EWS11. Bought a red label,clipped the green wire and bridged wire 1&3. Have fuel pressure,spark and pulse but still will not start,although sounded like maybe??

Guess next step,check out coil packs and plugs car is old and things go south!!

Any ideas or insight would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank You!! Rose

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