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rosesette 06-30-2013 12:46 PM

Bad starter/new one cranks but will not start???
Bought a new starter,put it in ,started up 3 times next time just the big CLICK!!Bench tested it after,same thing! Contacted the co. I bought it from. Sent this one back and they sent another! Put that one in,she cranks but will not start!! No power at fuel pump,no spark and no fuel flow!!

Hub is at wits end!!
He is ready to put this 95 325 i out to pasture!! Last year it gave him a run but turned out to be bad fuel!!

I did download the Bentley manual,did help a lot.

Maybe the bad starter fried the brain???

Any ideas??? Thank You!!Rose

DEATH2000 07-18-2013 12:02 PM

You need to find out why you have no power at the fuel pump. Check all your fuses, and then checking the wiring to make sure its not frayed. You can pull the rear set up to acess the fuel pump.

rosesette 07-19-2013 05:58 PM

Thank you for the reply!! Can hear pump running but did not do a pressure check. Checked CPS, relays and fuses!!

Stumped,maybe the starter when it seized,new starter cranks but no turn over? Leaning towards a EWS issue?? Hit and miss !! LoL!!Probably would not hurt to bypass the EWS system? Car is a march 1995 325i .Has the silver label DME.

Last year a fuel issue!! Ran great for a year,then the starter issue!Yikes!

Thank You!!! Rose

DEATH2000 07-24-2013 06:19 PM

Have you tested the battery and alternator as well?

rosesette 11-10-2013 12:49 PM

Been awhile but we ended up doing a brain swap,switcthed to the red label,cut wire 66 and bridged 2 others. Hub also disconected the fuel line n fuse and connected fuel line pressure tool which cleaned the line and injectors She started!! Yea! Been running well but now a possible tran problem!! TCM?? A auto tran when in 3rd was sluggish. Old car!!95 325 i,but you sure cannot beat the ride!! Thanks for all the info!!

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