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scooter 04-05-2013 04:51 PM

The BMW Concept X4. First glimpse and Interview.
With the BMW Concept X4, the BMW Group offers a preview of the future of the BMW X family. It takes no more than a first glance to see how smoothly the qualities of a BMW X model can blend with the genes of a BMW Coupe. The new Sports Activity Coupe concept from BMW is poised to continue the success story of the BMW X6 in a new vehicle class. Eye-catching proportions, tight contours and numerous high-quality details produce an unrivalled product character brimming with emotional appeal, dynamism and the sturdiness you would expect from a BMW X model, while at the same time holding out the promise of outstanding performance and driving dynamics. All of this can be experienced when the BMW X4 production model rolls out of the factory for its market launch, scheduled for as early as 2014.


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