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xsperf 03-20-2006 11:35 PM

Man, this dude is crazy as hell!

i dont know if any of you have seen this before, but this dude is INSANE!!

some funny parts

"white people are trying to kill you"
"the only solution is to exterminate white people from the face of the planet"
"they are trying to kill us, now im not going to waste my time and try to figure out why"
"they are killing us by electromagnetics, retnal scans, dna things"
"theres only one real n(word), and thats the white man and white woman"

lol this dude has got some problems, and as far as im concerned, WHITE people arent the n(word)....

Rooz 03-20-2006 11:42 PM

Lol... 10 mins... But yeah.. he seems crazy

xsperf 03-20-2006 11:47 PM

yea right when i watched it, like maybe a few months ago, i looked at the 10 min thing, then i ignored it, however recently, someone brought it up to my attention to show it to me, and i listen to the whole thing, its pretty crazy!

Rooz 03-20-2006 11:52 PM

I just had him going on in the background for the duration of it :lol

nick_318is 03-21-2006 12:12 AM

Allright i just listened to that, thats some crazy shit, personally i'm not trying to kill anyone. The thing that stuck most was, "i saw a black guy having a cigarette, killing himself, and the white man is making money from his death." WTF, i know plently of white people who smoke, some of this shit is just illogical. They are gonna kill us how do I know, they have retna scanners, WTF.

Yea you made your point, pretty crazy, i can understand part of it due to all the shit they went through as slaves and through civil rights but comeon.

witeshark 03-21-2006 12:57 AM

Yeah, there is no reason for race issues in this time! Please.

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