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Dathaeus 12-16-2012 10:22 PM

Sunroof Stuck
Wow, one guy comes to test drive my 1997 328i 5-speed sports package, and like most people, ask if the sunroof works, and I say yes, and this one tests it out and lo' and behold, it gets stuck in the fully open position. With rain tonight.

We try some gentle pulling and pushing with the button and it will not give at all. There is signs of life. It still goes back and forth a bit responding to the button presses, but it is basically stuck at the fully open position. He said it may have gone off track or something, who knows. One more I thing I needed to deal with before selling.

In the past I really only used the flip up sunroof to let some air/heat out since it was rain-proof, it was nice. I used the actual sunroof slide out maybe twice a year. And now I am about to sell, its busted.

Any ideas??? Please tell me its some easy fix..........................

DEATH2000 12-23-2012 09:40 PM

Usually what happens is the sunroof happens to hop out of the tracks. This is fixed by removing the sunroof motor to slide the actual sunroof back into position.

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