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euroah 11-27-2012 02:38 PM

2005 X5 Key in ignition signal, and more
2005 X5 came in after customer reportedly left the sunroof open and the vehicle got rained in. Symptoms were: Hazard lights start flashing randomly while driving or parked , the "key in ignition" signal stays on the instrument cluster sometimes after key is removed, and sometimes the door locks do not work the first time with the key remote ( the alarm seems to arm as the running lights do flash) but they do work the second time the remote button is pushed (unlock and then lock again). We thought that the hazard light problem was a no brainer, assuming that water had entered the hazard/door lock switch and replaced it. My tech assumed the "key in ignition" signal was generated by the ignition switch and replaced it. While seemingly the hazard light problem was fixed, the "key in ignition" signal was still intermittent. After finding out that the "key in ign" signal is generated by the EWS module by seeing the key still transmitting via the ring antenna, we tried a new EWS module, no change. We then found that this signal apparently goes (over the K-bus) from the EWS to the LCM, and then to the IKE. So we tried a used LCM and my tech told me the problem was solved. I ordered a new LCM, coded it to the car (myself) and still had the same problem. I'm not sure why it didn't act up for my tech with the used LCM. I put the used LCM back in and had the same problem. Thought maybe the order in which the connectors on the LCM are connected may change something and tried all combinations, no change. We tried a different ZKE and IKE, no change. We also, out of desparation, tried a new ring coil antenna, no change. We did figure out that if you pull the key out before opening the door, the "key in ign" signal seems to work correctly every time, although the customer says that even when he exits the car after pulling the key before opening the door, the door lock problem still happens sometimes. I can reproduce the door lock problem every time by opening the door first, then pulling the key out which causes the "key in ignition" signal on the cluster that won't go away, and then trying the door locks via the remote. Interestingly, I also found that if you turn the key off and pull it out quickly, before terminal R power goes away, it seems to work correctly, even if the door is already open. All of the signals from the LF door module look correct on the autologic. The customer needed the car for awhile, but we are getting it back soon. He said that the Hazard light problem is still there also. Any thoughts or help would be extremely appreciated. Greg

IsmaelBado 12-08-2014 08:56 AM

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