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andramont726 10-22-2012 08:29 PM

E60 - 2007 - 520D - 163BHP - Remap Advice.
Hi, I am relatively new to the forum and have seen some threads concerning remaps. My 520D has covered 95k trouble free miles for me since new and has, to date, always been serviced by BMW dealers. It's coming out of extended warranty very shortly, and I am considering a remap. I've looked at various companies that seem to charge between 200 - 300 for a remap, but I have no genuine feedback on which are the best in terms of quality of product, service, reliability, etc.

I previously had a (petrol) car superchipped and then encountered a whole raft of issues a number of years ago. These could well have been completely unrelated to the performance enhancements. But, it's left a concern in my mind.

So, can anyone recommend from experience a top quality, reputable remap company. And, after a remap, should I be able to continue with my BMW's excellent present reliability (fair wear and tear taken into account obviously).

I've been led to believe that BHP gains of 20 - 30 are possible and there are some potential MPG improvements. I do not mind travelling to the right place, and often spend my working week in Yorkshire, West Midlands and Warwickshire.

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