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soccerboy 07-02-2012 07:05 AM

bmw 325 i 2006 valve cover gasket removal
Hello Guys,
I need to remove the screw behind the breather hose, I would like to know how do I remove the breather hose on the back of the valve cover gasket? it has a wierd type of clam, I don't want to break it.
Also I remove the coils conectors loose ground but how do I remove the actual coils, just pull out? doesn't have a couple of screw holding them? Can I leave them in and remove the valve cover gasket with them attach to it?
Is there any thread with the explanation how to do this job?
Please help I need the car going to go to work.


DEATH2000 08-01-2012 01:39 AM

Those clamps are one time use. You WILL break it removing it, but replacements are cheap.

Have you ever changed your spark plugs before? When you remove the plastic cover you will see the coil packs. Their should be two bolts holding the coil packs in. I believe its a 10mm nut. Their are two ground straps, one at each end. On the coil you will see a silver retaining clip. Using a flathead screwdriver gentley pry up on the metal clip. Pull it up and then pull off the connector on the back of the coil pack. The coil pack then can be pulled up and you have access to your plugs. You need to remove them to pull the valve cover.

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