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jrhaile 10-25-2005 11:56 PM

Dinan E30 turbo vs 2006 STI
One of my client's just bought a BRAND new 2006 STI, black on gold rims. It's sexy I must say. So I was there installing a new switch on their network and he asks me to go do a quick race to see how his car would matchup against other turbo cars (whatever this means). He was totally cool so I finished setting up the VLAN config on their switch and we took a stroll down to 4th Ave in CDA, ID. He had one person in his car filming with his camera phone (lol) and I had no one except my fat-arse. So we did a 2nd gear, 30mph roll with three honks. honk honk honk and we're off both with a pretty good jump (I think he got the better jump). Immediately I'm hitting 10PSI and we're dead even through 2nd. 3rd gear, I'm making full boost again at 10psi and I'm slowly pulling on him (1-1.5cl). By the middle of fourth I've put 4cls on him and still pulling hard! I shut it down around 120mph before hitting what I think is this cars' best gear, 5th. So we go back to their office off of Lakeside and talk about the race and the only thing he had to say is "I need more boost." It was funny :). His co-worker (also the owner of a RSX TypeS which I beat the other day in my e36) was dogging him how a 15 year older car just spanked a new car. :buttrock I was just humble about the whole thing and kept telling him with a few mods it would be a different story (even though I think he was lucky I quit before I hit 5th).

It was a VERY good race and I'm HIGHLY impressed with how my baby ran as was he. I personally had no idea how this would go as I've only had the car 4 days. Also I must say, his STI sounded soooo mean. This is why I bought this car, I wanted to compete with those high boosting 4bangers that are out there and now I can compete with them (well some of them). With a few mods on my car and a higher boost setting, I should be able to compete with some big ol' v8s too :)

Tomorrow at 4PM I'm going to get some dyno numbers so I'll post back with those numbers and see where this car stands. I honestly think as do others who have rode in the car, believe I'll have a much higher torque # then I will whp but we'll see :)

nick_318is 10-25-2005 11:59 PM

Having a sleeper has to be sweet too, no one will expect it to be able to compete and then you get the laugh when your kicking their ass.

jrhaile 10-26-2005 12:08 AM


Originally Posted by nick_318is
Having a sleeper has to be sweet too, no one will expect it to be able to compete and then you get the laugh when your kicking their ass.

No he knew what was in the car. I had told them 2 weeks ago I was buying this car which is around the same time he bought his. You gotta understand this office environment. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE drives a BMW and swears by then. The owner is a NUT (almost as much as me). So when he bought a Scubaru, everyone gave him mad shit (even though he'd probably spank everyone there with the exception of the S/C E46 M3). So I think he wanted to proove something to the rest of them which backfired. Oh well, I'm staying humble. One win against a stock STI isn't the greatest thing in the world. They're 300hp to the crank stock and probably making 260-270 AwdHP. So my maybe 300whp rwd got the better this time. With a few mods, this might be a different story.

If we did a flatout 4th gear run, I would have spanked him by bus lenghts though. Not a whole lot of time in 1-3 for boosting but plenty of in 4th and 5th haha. The ratio I'm running at right now is meant to get me into 4th quickly and it did.

xsperf 10-26-2005 12:36 AM

jr you def. need to put an m50 in that then turbo it

jrhaile 10-26-2005 12:37 AM

well my plan is to push this engine to it's max boost and see how long it runs.. when it dies, I'll S52 swap it and turbo it :)

edit: that's stupid.. this is a one of a kind dinan car and I'll stick with M20 powa :)

Spieluhr 10-26-2005 01:24 AM

good show dude.

bringing this thing on the NW Toy Run possibly?

devinwwu 10-26-2005 01:33 AM

i think its gonna be a required event for you now!

voca 10-26-2005 09:11 AM

I'd deffinitely be there if james showed up. :p

probably going anyway.

james, you got to buy another e30 for your s52 swap :) are you ever going to show the sti what 15psi can do? haha

jrhaile 10-26-2005 10:58 AM

I honestly do not think I'll run more then 13psi and probably only run 13psi from time to time when I know I'm going to race or something. To me, it's not worth a blown HG or something on this rare car.

As far as the drive, it all depends on weather and other circumstance's... I'd love to go, but man that drive can be terrible!

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