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nick_318is 10-06-2005 02:53 PM

My weekend at the track.
Hey guys I thought I would post up some pics and stories from my weekend at the track. So for some reason I was once again in the D group (mostly 1st and 2nd timers) and this was my 3rd drivers school. After my 1st session my instructor was like these guys are on crack you should be in C group. But anyway the weekend was fun my instructor really helped me to learn the line and push the car to the limits. Unfortunatly I have almost no brake pad left and I think I might need to replace a wheel bearing.

I watched a supercharged ford focus blow its engine on track right in front of me. The bastard was not letting me by him for 2 laps and was taking off on the straight but I would be right back with him by the 2nd turn, he shifts from 3rd to 4th, a big puff of smoke comes out and then under the car is sparking, he was leaking oil and it all caught on fire. Luckily no one was injured but the guy needs a new engine. I guess they didn't beef up the bottom end of the car to handle the extra power. I guess it was a marketing car for the company that he works for and said he was going to loose $4000 from his budget.

I also talked to an instructor who had a 3 series hatch, but bought it from a guy who swapped an e36 m3 motor into it. It was described as e36M3 from the doors forward and an M Coupe from the doors back, as an explaination of all the work that was done. It was a pretty cool looking car and FAST. There was a Ferrari and some other sweet cars. I will post some attachments with pics and you can goto Pics from the track .

nick_318is 10-06-2005 02:59 PM

The focus in 1 or 2 of these pics is the one that blew up

RogueRonin 10-06-2005 02:59 PM

Sounds like you had a good time, man. I would have loved to see that Focus blow. I think it's funny when people don't know the limits of their machines.

nick_318is 10-06-2005 03:01 PM

these are all the pics for now

catalyst 10-06-2005 03:17 PM

great pics.. :rock

Red_Rocket 10-06-2005 03:31 PM

sweet i love track days, its cool to see everyone elses fast bimmer

Storamin 10-06-2005 03:43 PM

sounds like you had fun!

nick_318is 10-06-2005 03:45 PM

Yes, No more Brake pads = LOTS of fun wearing them out :)

Rooz 10-06-2005 05:38 PM

Wow, wish I could have been there, seems like a lot of fun :D

Storamin 10-06-2005 06:38 PM

i was at a track over the weekend and the brake fade was there. i remmeber as soon as i got off the track for the last lap, the brakes litterally died. i mentioned to a nascar fan how i wanted to upgrade my brakes. he looked at me and asked "why would you want better brakes, all they do is slow you down."


BaLAnCe17 10-06-2005 08:07 PM

what track is that...sorry if its been posted already. i did the exact same thing in portland and then a driving school in laguna seca :)

witeshark 10-06-2005 08:52 PM

Sounds like serious fun! I wanna try that :drive2

94bmw325i 10-06-2005 08:57 PM

yeah I definetely want to go to a track. So do all the A - D people go on the track at the same time? And if someone wants to pass you have to let them?

DEATH2000 10-06-2005 09:12 PM

what track was that?

Chris 10-06-2005 10:41 PM

i'm. jealous.

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