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cobralee 11-13-2011 09:37 PM

Cylinder Head Dilemma
I have a '95 525i with a blown head gasket...turns out my head is cracked. I found another head which all looks good, i.e. valve seats good, no cracks, etc. The only question is that the machinist stated it needs to be milled 6 thousands to make it level..but states that it's already been milled and will be below specs if it's milled again...he states that could be a risk.

The mechanic who sold me the head showed me two holes on the surface which he states is to detect when the head has been milled to it's limit. There's plenty of room according to the depth of the holes.

Can anyone tell me is these holes are for that purpose?



Big Evil 11-15-2011 01:47 PM

Why can't the machinist simply straighten the head? ie heat it and warp in back with a press? (it is a common thing to do with aluminum heads). If the head gets too low you may get weird running conditions, or you may have no problem at all. Sounds like these guys are just CYA'ing which is perfectly understandable. The problem is there are no guarantees with any repair that it will work, they usually do about 90+% of the time. Your call, fix it or forget it and buy something else.....which may have a whole new set of its own problems. Sorry I can't be much more help

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