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german speed demon 08-31-2005 12:31 AM

no 5 sp in the m5?....WTF?
yeah, so i was just reading the roundel mag, and they said according to BMW NA or AG? the us spec m5 will NOT recieve the 5 sp gear box, instead recieveing the 6 sp smg, box...that annoys me even though i don't own an m5 yet.

what about you?

donald1476 08-31-2005 01:10 AM

You mean it won't be a 6-speed manual , and yes it does bother me.

Dudesky 08-31-2005 05:51 AM

When you're running that much power, sometimes manual isn't a good choice. Since the rest of the world is so used to manual, maybe they made the exception for them. Just a theory tho.

nick_318is 08-31-2005 09:28 AM

They have said it will launch with a 6 or 7 speed SMG, and I believe they are going to introduce a standard 6 speed manual as an option in a later year of production for those who want a stick, but I dont think that will be available in Europe. thats what I have seen but I have not seen the newest roundel or other magazines as my address has not been changed to my school address yet.

Hoppy 08-31-2005 10:25 AM

i agree, wtf. true manual is ALWAYS the best option. best perfomance, best gas millage, most driver involvement, most fun. the list continues

german speed demon 08-31-2005 10:28 AM

Roundel, July 2005.
When the new M5 arrives stateside in the fall, it will be offered with the 7 speed SMG transmission only. But miracle of miracles, by late 2006 or 2007 there will also be a 6 speed manual gearbox available for sale in the North American market only (European models will only get the SMG)

copyright, roundel magazine (just to cover my ass)

nick_318is 08-31-2005 10:30 AM

allright thats what I thought I read, so we will get a stick version it will just take some time.

german speed demon 08-31-2005 10:34 AM

Yeah, later in the notes it says, "as noted by Ulrich Bruhnke, BMW's new M division head, a "hardcore community" of US buyer really wanted a manual, one with the driver actually pushing the clutch, not some robot"

cainchapman 08-31-2005 04:39 PM

Our ones have 7 speed SMG. What are you complaining about. It's a manual that can be used as an automatic when required.

Why would you want 6 gears when you can have 7?

It is an awesome car and really flies.

Hoppy 08-31-2005 06:43 PM

smg is not manual.

catalyst 08-31-2005 08:30 PM

Its going to be available in 7 speed smg and 6 speed manual.

It originally wasnt, but they got huge complaints from the marketplace so they decided to add a manual version.

94bmw325i 09-02-2005 09:11 PM

SMG might be better performance, but I would still rather have a 6 speed. I think I would have a lot more fun in the car, and would get a feel of the car more.

Storamin 09-06-2005 10:26 PM

You haven't really experienced just how nice the SMG III system is until you've driven it. Until you've driven it, please reserve judgement that you'd "rather have a real manual".

BMWLotAttendant 09-06-2005 11:21 PM


Originally Posted by Storamin
You haven't really experienced just how nice the SMG III system is until you've driven it. Until you've driven it, please reserve judgement that you'd "rather have a real manual".

Well said. :thumbup

And YES, SMG is manual. Manual transmission that shifts gears by a computer.

Tech Analysis: BMW E46 M3 Shifting (SMG vs. Manual )


We learned that, for drag racing, a manual transmission M3 is faster. It is easy to launch in a way that the SMG car just won't match. Once moving, however, SMG in its most aggressive setting can shift about 10% faster than a very skilled driver going in a straight line. It will also shift that fast while the driver is focusing on other aspects of driving, such as braking and cornering, or traffic. Thus, for road races, track lapping days or autocross, SMG will undoubtedly be faster and easier to drive.
Ok, now some real info about the e60 M5.

nick_318is 09-06-2005 11:28 PM

Nice link I was looking for something like that the other day for another discusion along these lines.

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