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jybute 07-07-2005 07:24 AM

mechanics to avoid in Edmonton,Ab
Hey boys and girls, just bought my first bimmer (92 325i) and am not too happy with the guy that did my pre purchase inspection. He gave me a list of things that were wrong with the car. That included things like, lower control arm bushings, ball joints, rear main seal and a few other nickel and dime items that wouldnt break me. I mean, its a used car and I am prepared to put some money into it. Well he didnt tell me it would cost $800 to fix the A/C, he didnt see that the stabilizer bar isnt even attached to anything, it just hangs there. I thought the handling was shitty due to the control arm bushings, right? He didnt tell me the tranny rear housing seal is leaking. F*** me now I have to put an extra $1500- $2000 into the car. I love the car so its not all bad, but doesnt that piss you off.
By the way, the name of the place is Auto Imports in Edmonton, its located on 99 street and 76 ave. He might be a good mechanic, but thats what he did to me, Ill never go back there.

Love my Bimmer though !!!!!! :drive2

DEATH2000 07-07-2005 02:14 PM

that sucks man. i have had an experience with a mechanic like that. the guy i bought my old Mercedes from wanted to take it there for the inspection. and the mechanic did a crappy inspection, he didnt catch a bunch of stuff that was imortant for saftey. about 6 months after that the right-front ball joint snapped as i was backing out the driveway. anything over 20kmh when that ball joins snapped and i woulve been killed.

bex325 07-30-2005 03:09 PM

best mechanic i have found for bimmers in edmonton is Alberta Motorworks (ABM) on 97th street at 39th Ave. Its a real small shop, that is not afraid of doing anything.

B_w. 03-13-2006 10:05 PM


Originally Posted by k318iS
Anyone happen to know anywhere in the Grande Prairie area to get work done on a bimmer?? I'm not too interested in driving 4 hours to Edmonton to get work done... I don't need anything done yet, just curious for the future...

sorry bud, no idea.

bex325 04-05-2006 06:22 PM


Originally Posted by matimus
Thats because He is Alberta Motorworks BMW service and repair, not BMW customizing and tuning, for service and repair though he is the best. I have used him for the last 4 years. By far the best service around. ask him about my car.

Mat lemke

Yup, Frank does good work, and is always willing to work on your car, even on short notice.

d.maczko 06-14-2006 05:32 PM

just curious but would you guys know off the top of your head if he would do a swap for me, and about how much it would cost, might have a nice m50 to drop in but no where to do it.

matimus 06-14-2006 06:09 PM

I could do it for you............. For a flat of beer ofcourse

Be prepared to leave it with me for a whole weekend though . sorry it takes time..
That is assuming you have ALL of the right parts

Chris 06-15-2006 12:03 AM

^^^ i'm looking at matimus's car, and listened to some of the things he's said in his short time here, and if he's offering to do it for a flat of beer, you need to guy get a flat of beer :cheers. disclaimer- i don't know him so i'm not taking responsibility, but if you think the guy knows what he's doing, go for it.

you might even want to stick around a bit. you could learn a lot about your car by watching it get worked on.

d.maczko 06-15-2006 12:34 AM

hehe oh id be helping out alot, i am a 2nd year mechanic haha i just have no room at all to do the swap.

id be willing to pay you a flat of beer for sure.

pm me so i know what parts to get and all,
i think i might be picking up an m50, tranny, ecu, harness hopefully soon.

Rubyred 11-25-2009 04:32 PM

yup, i agree accept they dont know enough about the newer bmws, and they always under quote and then over charge! Karmac that is!

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