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leesrubberroom 02-12-2011 02:26 AM

E60 Halogen dipped headlight failure
Hi Everyone. Im new here. I've got a 2007 E60 520d M-Sport (UK) with halogen headlights and a conundrum. Bought the car in Oct last year, and its been perfect so far. A few weeks ago, i had a control message saying "right dipped headlight failure". I checked and the bulb had clearly gone, so i replaced it. Yesterday, i got the same message but for the left light, so i checked the bulb. I didn't look like it had gone, but what the hey, i have a couple of spares. I try them all (putting the whole assembly together in between) and none of them work! :confused

There's no loose electrics that i can see, and i cant find anyone who's had the same problem on various forums. Any thoughts, otherwise i guess it could either be a faulty LCM or some other loose electrics that i cant see! :(

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, but i either have to strip the car down to find a loose wire, or returning to a dealer for a (probably) expensive repair!



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