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Jason L 01-31-2011 08:38 PM

BMW X3 EML, service engine soon, 4x4 and brake lights. Will not start.
Please Help!

OK, here is the rundown. I am working on my girlfriends 2005 BMW x3 3.0 6MT. The vehicle has 117,000 miles on it. She bought it with 82,000 miles on it and has ran well for the 35,000 miles that she has owned it.

Last week, when she tried to start it in the morning, the idle would go from approx. 1500 rpm to approx. 500 rpm every second. Sometimes it would stall. The EML, service engine soon, 4x4 and brake lights were on. I think the battery light may have been on as well. The vehicle was garaged in Michigan.

I looked on around on the internet and saw that the ICV or intake boot cracking can cause this. I also saw that the oil separator and Vanos seals can cause issues so I decided to do those as well. I took everything apart and the ICV did not move easily and the intake boot was cracked where it branches off to the ICV. The DISA valve was not broken.

I replaced the Vanos seals, put on a new valve cover gasket, cleaned the ICV and the DISA valve and installed a new insulated oil separator and insulated hoses.

After I had everything put back together, I tried to start it and it would just crank. I hooked up my scanner (Auto Xray 4000) and it said vehicle not responding. After looking at several things, I discovered that one of the 30 amp fuses in the engine management fuse pack (under the hood under the black cover) was blown.

I replace the fuse and scanned the car again. Code P1625 = Pedal position sensor potentiometer supply channel 2 electrical came up. The car just cranks and will not start. I cleared the code and it still only cranks. No code is detected when I scan again.

I looked and the P1625 code looks like it can be caused by many things. I am not sure where to start now. I did notice that there is a humming noise coming from the engine (appears to be in the location of the electronic throttle). I can hear the noise when the key is in the on position.

Can anyone help??. I was considering the purchase of a Peake scanner if that will help. Is there anyone in Michigan near Brighton that has one that I could rent or borrow?

Thank You,

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