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stevenrivers 10-14-2010 03:30 PM

2001 BMW 325 CI Coupe AC Blower Not Working
I have been having an issue where my 2001 BMW 325 ci A/C Heater was blowing slow then fast. Couple occasions wouldn't blow at all. Then the blowers where blowing air when the car was off on its own. That also caused my battery about five times to die so I had to jump it to start. Just today the blowers stopped working all together. The air lights still work as if the air was blowing but now nothing is coming out of the vents. No Air Or Heat! Does anyone know what the problem is? And what part do I need to fix?

diet 10-24-2011 03:53 PM

sounds like it could be your blower resister. mines geting changed this week as i have a 318ci 2000. heater blows slower n faster however it doesn't burn my battery down but when these goes it can cause that so I would look into the resistor.

bricha2 05-23-2012 10:49 PM

Yes, it's your blower resister dude....

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