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threequarterthrottle 09-16-2010 07:42 AM

Noob checking in
Hey everyone, New BMW owner(old BMW). Just traded for an '89 535i(auto trans), 160k miles and a few little issues, but overall it's a very nice car. The wife found it, and traded my pickup for it.

I have a few questions regarding maintenance, if anyone would care to answer the stupid questions. I've got a little valvetrain noise, and a slightly rough idle at start. I can't find valve adjustment specs. There also is a bit of a war on oil viscosity/brand, I'm probably going to make the 70 mile drive to get dealer stuff(unless there is a reason I shouldn't). Also looking at changing diff oil, as it's hard to tell when the last time was. any recommendations? Also, what kind of plugs do you guys run? I've heard to stay away from platinums, though I'm not sure why.

It has a small exhaust leak...perfect time for an upgrade. I would like a muffler that gives me the typical throaty sound, but can't be too loud(it's her daily driver). If anyone has suggestions, I welcome them. Most performance stuff will have to wait due to budget :(.

Thanks for entertaining me! I hope to eventually answer a question, instead of asking.

P.S: speedo tends to bump every now and then(down about 5mph then immediately back up). I wouldn't worry about it, but the response has rendered the cruise control too aggravating to use. Frequent problem? Thanks again

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