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Swinging Beef 08-25-2010 06:41 PM

Buying an E32 in Australia
Hi everyone,
Im new to the forum, and live in Wollongong, NSW, Australia.
Ive been a big fan of the large BMW for years now and for the first time in my life dont have any day to day need for a car, so I want to go and get me a series of cars I wanted when i was a younger fellah.
In the next 6 months I plan on buying an E32 and Im watching this forum for tips and tricks on things to look for when I go shopping for the vehicle.
I had a read of this page: http://www.e38.org/e32/
and found it pretty useful so far.

As experienced BMW owners, does anyone have any hard and fast DOs and DONTS about buying these older 7 series vehicles or can you point me to other good resourses about these models before I go about buying the real thing?

felixbaldo 08-28-2011 07:46 AM

as an owner of a E32 1990 and 1989 735iL I know a little about these awesome vehicles. First you have to have a decent wallet, treat them with kindness and the driving experience will be unmatched for the price.
These cars are old and were complicated but surprisingly not overly. The build of the M30 is bullet proof. It is everything else that just wears out but can be still fixed and replaced courtesy of our great exchange rate with the US. Just compare prices of a BMW dealer in Oz with say pelicanparts who I can recommend.

Do your research, do not be afraid of cars that a well looked after, drive them and enjoy! I also own a R320 CDI and Audi Allroad 4.2 so I am a car tragic!


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