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need4speedtonka 07-09-2010 03:45 PM

hello ,im new here...
hi guys,i just bought my first bmw its a 2001 325i,with 112 k miles i wose always audi kinda guy but its time for change,its in pretty good shape,in and out ,suspention its not so bad,body nice and shine but this is a bmw lol,well ... im gonna need new tires. i got stuck tires on right now,205/55 god now's how many miles on them,its not a lot rubber left thou..i dont wonna go for new rims and ect,dont have that kinda founds for now,maybe in future,for now i jus wonna get some nice tires all season,and maybe summer next year i get some rims and new meats...now...what is the biggest tire i can fit on stuck 16 inch rim with no rubbing??can i fitt 215 or 225?,this will be my winter set .do i need to go to low profile tires like 50 ?from stuckk 55? thank you.

Cartercao 09-19-2010 12:55 AM

oh, have no idea on this.

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