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sul1987 05-14-2010 08:00 AM

HELP choosing a 6 series to buy!
Hi everyone, im thinking of buying a 6 series convertible this summer and have picked out a model that im interested in, the 630i convertible sport. I've been looking around and noticed a few things and need help choosing and identifying some things.

Firstly i've seen that the 630i is tweaked from 258 bhp to 272 bhp, obviously i'd want to go for the 272 bhp but cant identify which year car i would have to buy to get this.

Secondly i've seen that a few cars i've come across have the updated steptronic gear shifter which looks much better. When did this come in? I've seen one with paddleshifts as well and would like to have that feature as well.

Thirdly just a question about idrive. On wikipedia it says there was an idrive ccc update in 2007, is this any better? Also can it play DVDs?

So to sum up I'm after a 6 series convertible with the 272 bhp upgraded engine, paddleshift and steptronic gearshifter thats on all new cars. Any help would be appreciated!! I've got around 30000 to play with! Thanks

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