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scooter 05-07-2009 01:02 PM

lets make this forum better!!!
We want this forum to be one of the best forums out there, but as you can tell right now it isn't. That is where you guys come in. Please use this forum extensively and let us know how it can be improved. We will listen to any idea, whether it be about colors, user ranks, custom titles, general layout, sub-forums, or anything else you can possibly think of.

Just make a thread here stating what you think should be done to improve this site.

Also for anyone else, please post, post then post some more and share your thoughts and opinions on any suggestion that comes up. Depending on the response a certain idea gets, can help make it happen for this site. So post what you think, whether you agree or disagree.

Whatever you do, do not make fun of, bash, or ridicule someone for their ideas. Just politely disagree and let us know why you felt that way.

**We also need your help in finding more bmw owners for the site! If you find some members try to get them to put your name as the referer! that way we know who's actively bringing in members**

Help make this site, your site GREAT!

alton 09-08-2012 04:43 AM

Nice post. I like it. Thanks for sharing these information. Keep it up.:drummer :clap

Radix325i 11-07-2012 06:33 AM

Aditional Plugins
Hello all,
I was a little away form the forum, but i really enjoy to read it.
unfortunately i don't have enough time to log in and read every post, is really huge forum.
Usually I, an suppose a lot of you use smartphones and/or tablets, so I suggest install Tapatalk in the forum.
we can read, post and receive notification of new posts.

Scooter, if you can, try use Tapatalk. (http://tapatalk.com/)

If is already installed there is a problem, I can't found it.



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