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nick_318is 03-14-2008 07:27 AM

MIVE Track Day April 12 - Grattan Raceway
I am planning on going to this event and I think they are having trouble finding people to register, this is a great track and a fun day. It is being hosted by the Michigan VW enthusiasts. Below is the information as quoted from their site. Here is a direct link as well:

Originally Posted by eatworksleepdie (Post 408335)

Please download the Registration Packet here:
(subject to minor changes)

Please checkout the driver's school handout stolen from Audi Club Of North America from last year.
Of course this is not our document, but the basics are there (plus a whole lot more). We advise to read through the handout.

Here's a little video put together by the one and only Mike P at SEA .. You can check out more of his work at www.furyfilms.com

To get you hyped that it's right around the corner!

I'll be adding to this post soon,

But for now, hold the date April 12th 2008 at Grattan Raceway in Belding Michigan.


Drivers are responsible for making their cars "track drivable" .. You are responsible for taking your car to a mechanic, or going over it yourself if you are able to make sure your car will not loose parts on the track, catch fire, etc.. No leaking fluids of any kind will be permitted. Seat belts and helmets (Snell 95' or newer) required. more to come on this...

Once Registration opens,
Between now up until March 20th to receive a full refund. Between March 21st and April 1st you will get 50% back should you cancel. There will be NO REFUND's no matter what the excuse after April 1st, and MIVE thanks you for the donation.

Active MIVE Members - $120
All Others - $140

Spectators: $10 to get into the track. Local residents get in for free.

Lunch is going to be a concession stand type (hot dogs, hamburgers, chips etc).. If you want anything else besides your basic hamburger, hot dog type of food, you'll need to pack a lunch.

I should also add this event is of course open to ANY car make, not just VW. FYI.. So get your dad's mustang out there and see what she does!

these will be primarily be street driven cars. Cages are not required, but always a welcome safety feature. Harness' are a great idea too, but as long as you have a seat belt in the car, you're good to go.
If you have a convertable, there must be a functional roll bar in the car.

A single passenger is allowed (noone in the back) as long as they have a seatbelt on, and helmet.

Helmets ARE in fact required. Either 3/4 face or full face Snell 95 or newer.
In case you don't know what the Snell rating is, basically there is DOT and Snell. DOT is testing done by the manufacturer which some companies have a more lax approach than others. Snell is sanctioned by a separate company and have a standard usually higher set than DOT. the 95 is just a helmet made in 1995 or newer.

18 years and older only with a valid drivers license.

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