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habbie 12-06-2007 08:47 PM

e36 Lighting Faq and TROUBLE SHOOT guide
PNP- plug n play harness.
E36 Headlights
Pin 1 = Ground @ 12 OClock
Pin 2 = City Light @ 3 OClock
Pin 3 = Low Beam @ 6 OClock
Pin 4 = High Beam @ 9 OClock
Ground = Brown or Black
City Light/Angel Eyes = Grey or White
Low Beam = Yellow or Green
High Beam = White or Red

See PNP Instructions for ZKW - Pin locations vary with each headlight,
therefore, find each pin number on the back of the headlight first.
PHOTO FOR PIN NUMBER - This is an illustration, your DEPO will vary:

Additional Depo tips:
start by doing your install, connect the angel eyes to your parking lights (grey/yellow stripe on one side, grey/purple on the other).

install your hid's(if equipped), mount the ballast in your bumper support using good quality double sided tape.

last you will need to properly connect the pin end of the plug and play to your headlights, first find your ground(brown) connect it to one of the pins in the back of the headlight and then proceed to find the correct pin for the highs and angel eyes, this may take a few tries as the ground pin may be any one of the 4, once you have everything figured out and working repeat the same steps for the second headlight, don't assume the pin configuration to be same, it probably isn't.


1. Q: after installing my new ellipsoids headlights my fog aren't working.
A: check and make sure you have bulbs in your high beams and the white lead is connected to the back of the bulb.

Q: after installing my new ellipsoids headlights my high aren't working
A: check and make sure you have bulbs in your high beams and the white lead is connected to the back of the bulb.


2. Q: what bulbs do my ellipsoids need?
A: zkw, bosch, hella and most depo(non chrome face) all require h1 bulbs.

3. Q: how do i connect my angel eyes?
A: connect the angel eyes to your parking lights, grey/yellow stripe on one side, grey/purple on the other.

4. Q: one of my angel eyes stopped working, how do i trouble shoot?
A: using a test light test the ballast, more then likely one side of the ballast is bad and not sending power to the non working ring, the ballast is located inside the headlight on the High beam side, pull it out and test the side that has 4 wires coming out (2 for each ring).
if both rings are out test your power source connection as well as both sides of the ballast for power, if you have power at the source and in at the ballast(the side with 2 wires) but none coming out the ballast has to be replaced.
you can also perform the test by swapping ballast from one side to the other.
refer to this thread for pictures and locations of the ballast:

5. Q: with hids do i need to replace my stock fuses?
A: no, your stock 7.5A are more then enough.

6. Q: my hid bulb stopped working, how do i find out what's wrong?
A: swap bulbs from side to side and see if the problem follows the bulb, if it does the bulb is bad.
if not, next swap igniters(if equipped)
if not, next the ballast, the problem will follow the bad part.

7. Q: can i add hids to my new ellipsoids? how hard is it to install?
A: yes you can, install is not very hard and the result are incredible.

8. Q: do i need a relay for my hid kit?
A: not at all, new hid ballast have a wide operating range, most operate in the range of 9-16v eliminating the need for a relay.

9. Q: what is the temp/color of OEM hid kits?
A: most use 4100-4300k, the difference in color is a direct result of the optical qualities of each company's projector.

10. Q: what so special about digital hid kits?
A: The days of the old humming, magnetic core & coil-type ballasts have come to an end.
The digital (electronic) ballast is the latest in ballast innovation. Digital ballasts are more efficient, quieter, cooler, and softer/easier on the bulb all the while allowing for a much smaller and neater package. Digital ballasts do not have any of the usual transformers or capacitors, instead these ballasts have electronic circuitry doing the same job, only much more efficiently using significantly less current.
they have the capability of self diagnostic and reset, including specific protection circuits to detect various lamp- and ballast-fault conditions allowing to safely shutdown or reset the ballast.

when the ballast fires the bulb it sends full power to the cold bulb, Over time, this shortens the bulb life and reduces the output and life span of the bulb, Digital ballasts start by sending a low amount of power to the bulb and steadily increases the power over the next few seconds until the bulb has reached full brightness, This is also known as soft starting, which minimizes the damage to the bulb and increases its life.

After one year of use the usable light coming from bulbs that are run on digital ballasts has decreased significantly less where as the same bulb being used in the coil type ballast would have lost over 10% more usable light over the same period of time.

11. Q: how do i configure the PNP on my depo?
A: http://forums.bimmerforums.com/forum...&postcount=263

12. Q: how do aim my headlights?
A: http://www.danielsternlighting.com/tech/aim/aim.html


13. Q: what is the socket under the high beams for?
A: city lights socket which uses a small 5w wedge bulb. when you have angel eyes the city lights are disabled.


14. Q: my new ellipsoids are fogging up, what gives?
A: its a common problem on all euro ellipsoids, you probably over torqued the 2 bolts on top(see pic)the seal is thrown out of wack. loosen them up a bit and your problem will be solved.



Where's the best place to mount my hid ballast?

bumper support beam:

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