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Rooz 10-10-2007 11:45 PM

Generate activity?
Hey everyone....

Well, I've been talking to a few new (brand spanking new) members that have registered and have not posted at all to try and see why, well, they won't post, lol.

And I got all kinds of answers somewhat all over board. But now I'd like to ask EVERYONE....

Bottom line is now as far as actual membership goes, we have increased that a ALLLLLLL lot, but we are lacking some serious activity - (Just to kind of give you an idea, I think we only had one or two actual new posts today) - . So, I'd like to ask everyone, what do you think would help us generate more threads and posts. Am really open to anything, if you feel shy to post your reply here, PM me. I really would love to get a lot of feedback on this.

SO, I might as well start us of, my ideas come from what I think would personally help and some of the feedback I received from others (that asked me to post it for them)....

1. Have a more user friendly posting interface,
2. Opening to the forum to non-members,
3. Removing the "edited by tags" when a post gets edited
4. Ability to do more smileys,
5. Changing the color scheme
6. Reseting the post counts of members

PS: Am posting this in a few places to see what ind of responses I get

denyo77 10-11-2007 10:10 AM

in how many forums did you post this?

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