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Kasei 05-11-2007 07:52 PM

First Real Kill Today
So I was on the way to pick up some chinese at 7:20 and I come up on this Nissan. It was going a little slower then me instead slamming on the brakes I changed lanes. As I passed it I noticed it had some pretty expensive tail lights and was ahead of it before I could see what it was. I got about 2 car lengths ahead of him and hear him start to push it. I look back and see him look and his passanger and start to come up on me. I change lanes to get around anther car and he follows. We go for about 1/4 mile and he's almost even with me so I quickly change lanes and step on it. I get to about 90 and he's 2 1/2 car lengths behind me and gets stuck in traffic. I turn into the shopping center and the dude pulls in behind me a few seconds later and revs past me while I'm parking. I was just grinning, I guess he was mad he got beat in his new "tricked" out car with his friend riding with him and wanted to show off some.

It actually looked ok, black with blacked out grills all around, the green underglow made it look a bit stupid.( I really don't like underglow)

I wish I knew what it was, either an Altima or Maxima. I went to Nissanusa and the Altima comes in a 2.5 175hp or a 3.5 270hp and the Maxima is a 3.5 255hp.

Just thought I would share my first kill, I guess I'm lucky, the guy could have went crazy and tried to kill me in the parking lot.:lol3 That crossed my mind for a split second when I saw him drive past me! lol

celsdogg 05-13-2007 09:13 AM

nice work.

estpaul 12-30-2007 02:48 PM

yeah good story :)

elsabor67 12-30-2007 03:37 PM

What he did in the parking lot is better known as the "I am making the revved up loser's front since I don't know how to drive the riced out car mommy and daddy bought me" pass.

So......how big of a grin did you have when he drove by and realized he got pwned??:D

denyo77 12-30-2007 03:57 PM

nice kill... did he have a fart can on it?

MTurboPower3 12-30-2007 08:33 PM

Good Job

Kasei 12-30-2007 10:54 PM

I was smiling big enough that I'm pretty sure he could see it. No fart can, just the underglow and tail lights from what I remember. Take away the underglow and it was a pretty tastefully upgraded car.

xxxbimmer 01-14-2008 10:34 PM

prob just the 2.5 alt

pswirley 01-14-2008 11:42 PM

I see glowing lights and I always go for the kill. It should become instinctive to you.

Nice Kill, Good Work, but please stop racing in traffic. My family and I like chinese food too.

Better alternative, bait him to follow you, (he will if is car is glowing in the dark) take him to a windy country road, pwn his ass and hopefully he stacks up that rice bucket. Then politely offer him a ride and when him and his passenger try to get in, make them ride in the back seat and take their shoes off due to the fact that your car is not a pile of shit nissan.

pj69pl 02-12-2009 08:34 PM


Originally Posted by Kasei (Post 140768)

It actually looked ok, black with blacked out grills all around, the green underglow made it look a bit stupid.( I really don't like underglow)

I dont thing anyone likes underglow.

FJD 05-07-2009 12:28 AM


Originally Posted by pj69pl (Post 167489)
I dont thing anyone likes underglow.

That would be correct.

IsmaelBado 12-09-2014 12:59 PM

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