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Chris 05-11-2007 07:17 AM

More Stupid F'in Teachers
So yesterday, thursday was my US History exam, and before the final the professor wanted to finish up unresolved discussion about the Global War On Terror, which was fine even though she's a political science and >US< History Professor, not a World History professor. Normally, that wouldn't matter cause its a global issue and most of those of above average intelligence (Which i would hope she would be for what I'm guessing a private university pays her ... READ: she drives a new M3 and she's unpublished and without tenure) should have a reasonable understanding of the topic.

so anyways we get into this discussion about the war and someone asked who would she rather die at the hands of, Hussein or Milosevich, and the dumb bitch says Hussein. At this point, i'm jsut so fed up with her talking about things that she knows nothing about despite well educated she is, So I chime in with the following....

"What makes you think that dying at the hands of Hussein would be better than dying at the hands of Milosevich?"

"Well, Hussein wasn't as viscious"

"Sure he wasn't as viscious, but death at his hands were much more painful.."

"How are they more painfull?"

"Cause you don't get shot, just poisoned"

"Wrong. Professor, I don't know how much you know about biological weapons, but I assure you, they are far from painless. When Husseins forces dropped chemical weapons on the kurds, they were released thousands of feet into the air. that that height, they had time to diffuse into the air around them. Instead of you breathing it in and just dying, as was intended, you breathed it in for days, sometimes weeks, slowing dying as one organ shut down at a time. That is, if the disease contracted from the rotting corpses around you didnt kill you first. Milosovich's forces on the other hand either shot you and piled your corpse on a truck and hauled you away, or what was more common was for his troops to invade a town from both sides, round everyone up, truck them out into the forest and kill you there, with machine guns. Now professor, tell me. How would you rather die? By slowly asfixiating on an unseen poison thats killing you one organ at a time while communicable diseases and your poisoned water supply eats away at you some more, or would you rather take a couple to the chest and just die?"

"Well milosovich kept you alive in fear for days before killing you. Thats much worse."

"that doesn't excuse the fact, that you're hungry, but relatively unharmed until the bullet enters your body cavity, and then its over relatively quickly. CBW's on the other hand take days and sometimes weeks of agony to kill you."

That was the end of that conversation, but the point here is that I respect the fact that she's well educated, but at the same time, I absolutely cannot stand when professor's throw around their title in order to talk about things they know nothing about. The Title on her door says Emeritus professor of Political Science, not Emeritus Professor of whatever the hell i feel like talking about today.

In fact, I really enjoyed her class when she was talking about the thigns she was getting paid to talk about. But the times she went off on unfounded tangents, more than eclipsed the good moments.

I really expected to fail that class because I've had multiple encounters with her like this both in the classroom and at a Student/teacher seminar on current political affairs. But surprisingly, grades were posted this morning at 7am and I got an A. So maybe my smart-assed rebutalls when she got off topic about things she's not educated in paid off, because I sure as hell know that my attendance record and test scores weren't giving me the A.

Still.... Talk about what you know about, and if you wanna talk about something you don't know a lot about, do some bloody freakin research before you spout off.

witeshark 05-11-2007 08:25 AM

Interesting discussion, :type Glad you got an A :graduate

elsabor67 05-11-2007 08:43 AM

Another example of how normal, well minded people in this world can bring down to earth people that are in fact..........clueless.:tup :tup :tup for you.

And 2:bsflag :bsflag for her being clueless.

Happy you got an A!

RSF5 05-11-2007 10:03 AM

I'm glad I'm in engineering.:runaway

BMWLotAttendant 05-11-2007 02:28 PM

She drives a new M3....cool! :tup

I like new M3s. :D

celsdogg 05-11-2007 05:07 PM

thats annoying. i dont even want to get into it. . .

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