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elsabor67 03-23-2007 03:39 AM

And now it wants to snow......
DAMN!!!!:ranting :ranting :ranting

I guess the MAN upstairs finally heard me and now from 60 degree weather, it's gone back down to 30-40 degree with rain and now snow all over the friggin place. I can't even work outside on the "babies" so I can finish the Black bimmer so it can go on sale or the blue one to get it finished so I don't hear the wife with the usual "That car is more important than me:cry :bawling :cry " routine. Even driving to work is more than a job, it's an adventure (AND I'M NOT EVEN IN THE NAVY!!!:angry )

They drive the same damn way as they would do with the roads dry, psycotic:eyecrazy :eyecrazy

witeshark 03-23-2007 08:53 AM

I hear that!

c1apton 03-23-2007 09:33 AM

I know the feeling... was in Mn 2 weeks ago - 2' of snow and 20 degrees, now that I'm back out - it's suppose to be 60 degrees this weekend- go figure :conf

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